“The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway” is a one-hour documentary narrated by Tom Skerritt, written by Tim Woodward, directed by Tom Hadzor and produced by Wide Eye Productions and the same creative team behind the Emmy Award-winning film, “Idaho, the Movie.”

The program follows U.S. Highway 20 as it passes through some of the best fly fishing waters in the world.  Shot on location in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Oregon, it is a visual feast of scenic beauty. You don’t have to fly fish to love “The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway.”

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  1. I’m currently enjoying this wonderful film. I’m also experiencing some MAJOR jealous-blue-eyed monster feelings! I’m a independent filmmaker in Idaho. I also work full-time at a great job with the UI Extension. So that being said, I have very little time to do all the filming that I wish I could do. The EXACT type of filming that I have enjoyed tonight. JEALOUS! I would spend all of my life doing what you did on this film if I won the lottery and could do it. Every second was majestic, awe-inspiring and perfect! This film shows everything about Idaho that really matters. To hell with psychologists and therapists because a smart person would see that spending a day in these areas of beauty will make more of a difference in your mental health than a decade of psycho-therapy. It is my therapy. It is my church! You showed that so well. Thank you for what you did. Every person living in Idaho should be sending you this message.

  2. How can we purchase the Fly Highway DVD as we would like to purchase as Christmas gifts.

  3. My wife and I just watched this, it was amazing beautiful!! Now we can’t wait for spring!

    • Hi Mike,

      the app will be available soon. We will send out a message when it’s in the Google Play and Apple Stores.

      Thanks for watching!!

      • I just found and downloaded the app on Google Play. It said 5 downloads so far.

  4. Astonishingly beautiful movie! Beautiful photography, Tom Skerritt narrarates, couldn’t be a more stunning movie! Kudos! Makes me proud to live in this beautiful place called Idaho!

  5. Can only say one thing, Great movie, not only for the outdoorsman or woman but for everyone. I grew up fly fishing in Eastern Oregon but have not been for many years. This movie makes me realize what I have been missing.

  6. I’ve lived in Idaho all my life and fish the Boise river but after seeing this documentary, it’s just amazing. I am proud to live in such a beautiful state and have the opportunities to fish these areas, it’s just amazing.

  7. Wonderful film! Gave this old boy the bug to get my equipment refreshed and upgrade the waders….
    Would greatly appreciate a heads up when the app is available and I can get to planning!

    • Hi Jeff,

      the app is available now in the Google Play store and should be available soon in the Apple App store. We will post a notification when it’s ready. Thanks for watching!!

  8. I stumbled across the film on the t.v. tonight and immediately placed my order. I bought a second home in Hailey, Idaho just to be able to fish the Big Wood and Silver Creek. My heart soars just thinking about fishing those two waters, but now I know I must try Henry’s Fork. When does spring happen? Not soon enough

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