New Film: Idaho the Movie 2

KS_ThumbnailThe same production team that brought you The Rocky Mountain Fly Highway is pleased to announce production of a brand new film:  Idaho the Movie 2.   The film is a sequel to our Emmy Award winning documentary, Idaho the Movie and features all new locations and scenery from across the Gem State.


Tim Woodward joins us again to share and showcase fresh air and fresh scenery. We’re visiting all new locations – places like the newly designated Boulder White Cloud Wilderness area; strange and wonderful places like the Shoofly Oolite formations in the Owyhee desert; rugged mountain passages like the Magruder Corridor; and other-worldly landscapes at Hell’s Half Acre lava field; we’ll dip our toes in geothermal hot springs across the state; and we’ll meet Henrietta the long billed curlew and see the lush grassy nesting grounds for the largest shore birds in North America… and the list goes on.

If you’re interested in learning more about the film and in helping support the production of independent, high quality documentary programming about Idaho, please visit our Kickstarter page.  We appreciate any support you can provide!

Idaho the Movie 2 is scheduled for broadcast this December, 2016 across the Northwest.  We will post updates on our broadcast schedule as those dates become available.


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